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Today was the best experience I have ever had at the dentist. Dr. Patel was so gentle during my cleaning I almost fell asleep and still very thorough. And of course, Michelle is always very friendly and efficient too!
Caran Skoff
Our family has been coming to this dentist office for many, many years. In fact, we were here when Ol' Doc Brown was the dentist and after Dr. Patel took over, heck, we stayed! Dr. Patel has brought new energy and the latest dental techniques and technology to the practice whilst retaining Michelle, the wonderful hygienist and receptionist. He's renovating the office, bringing it up-to-date, but it still feels cozy and comfortable. I must admit, I really do miss Waldo 🙁 May he RIP! Oh, Waldo was the quintessential office mascot, a beautiful white Java Dove, commonly used my magicians. He greeted patients and really loved the office. Back to Dr. Patel... I've had several crowns created and installed by Dr. Patel and they're working wonderfully. Dr. Patel is heads above our former dental office, a large office on Euclid, directly across from McDonald's, South of La Palma. I'm not mentioning names here, but wow! I swear Steve Martin's character from Little Shop of Horrors was based on the staff of that place! Ouch! Dr. Patel is patient, very understanding and has a wonderful personality. I know it wasn't easy taking over Doc Brown's practice, as many of his patients were older, potentially grumpy geezers (like myself) who were/are perhaps resistant to change. No worries though, Dr. Patel immediately captured our confidence and I'm even sending people from my work to him. Michelle is wonderful at scheduling visits, I've NEVER had to wait more than a few minutes to jump into the chair and begin treatment. Sounds odd, but I actually enjoy visiting their office and therein, my teeth are doing well as are my wife and daughter's. If you're searching for a dentist, check this place out! Yeah, it's an older office, not the swanky Newport Beach dentist where Skippy and Muffy get their veneers installed, but Dr. Patel's work is every bit as competent, probably more so, and you'll be treated with compassion, respect and appreciation. What more can you ask? From Disney Cast Members to local Law Enforcement, we love this office and you will too!
Great staff. Dentist very thorough and listens to patient. Great experience!!! Highly recommend.
Nancy Steadmon
Dr. Patel now has this office, and he is the best dentist I have seen in my lifetime thus far. He is careful and thorough in his exams, and the first time I saw him, was able to fix up some shoddy work from a previous dentist that had been bothering me for a few years. Since it has been hard for me to come by a dentist that is truly good at what he does, I followed him here from a different office he used to work at.
Tara VK
Dr Patel, you are the best! I am the worst patient and you tolerate me!! I absolutely recommend Dr. Patel to everyone!!! Love Michelle too!!! So glad I have you as my dentist!!!!
Sherlene Stepp
The front desk lady is 10/10 the greatest. Everyone is always happy and helpful.
Austin Noss
Thank you to you Dr Patel and your staff. Our appointments have been timely and stress free and treatment has been excellent.
Cristine Condon
Dr. Patel is the best Dentist I have ever met. His care, and attention to detail is unsurpassed. I am a very happy patient, thank you.
Greg Tria
Dr. Patel and his staff are amazing!! Appointments are right on schedule and treatment is explained so clearly. I have had several visits here and have been very pleased!! Thank you again Dr. Patel for my beautiful smile, see you at my next check up!
veronica Singh
I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Patel. If you’re looking for a great dentist, he’s the one!
Evey Renner
Dr. Patel was very professional, friendly and thorough. He was very helpful with all my dental needs. I recommend him 100%
Maricela Avalos
Dr Patel is an awesome dentist. He’s done several implants for me and most recently, I’ve started going to him for regular dentistry. He is highly skilled and extremely honest. I feel very fortunate to have found him.
Diana Clark
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